The Hoofbeat | April 2019

By DeeDee Conrad on May 17, 2019 at 07:12 PM in The Hoofbeat Newsletter

Our volunteers are the heartbeat of Hearts- without them, we would not be able to serve our riders as effectively and efficiently as we do. Hearts volunteers not only provide help with sessions and facilities, they provide a positive and accepting group that support Hearts’ riders, staff, and horses. Volunteers start out by receiving training as sidewalkers or barn crew, and as they volunteer their time at Hearts they begin to grow in their horsemanship skills and comradery with one another. The Hearts volunteers emotionally and physically support our riders in sessions by providing encouragement, smiles, and hand-over-hand help or appropriate holds when needed. For our horses, volunteers are providers of positive energy, love, and of course- carrots!

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Photography by Emily Hart-Roberts

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