By DeeDee Conrad on Jan 21, 2018 at 12:23 AM in Rider Stories

Has more confidence & physical strength


Kristin is an energetic, kind and warm girl who is hearing impaired. In her group lesson, she is a teacher as well as a student – she teaches us new signs each day related to what we are doing in the lesson. She was awarded “Rider of the Year 2006,” for her commitment to always giving her best during every ride. Kristin came to Hearts to have fun as well as improve her balance and coordination. When she first started lessons, she had a leader and sidewalkers to assist. She now rides independently around the ring at the walk and trots like a star.

Kristin’s mom, Kathy, says, “Kristin gets so much enjoyment and satisfaction from riding. I appreciate seeing the happiness and excitement she feels coming to Hearts every week.” Kristin says, “I like the games we play. I like the trail rides the best.”

Photography by Emily Hart-Roberts

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