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Take a look at what the Tack Shack has in store!  With great new items donated every week, click here to see more of our extensive inventory we have in store…

Family Workshop


• Reduce conflict and stress?
• Reduce disciplinary problems?
• Create a positive, respectful home environment?
• Develop new ways to communicate & strengthen your family bonds?

Break through these traditional barriers in an untraditional way: with horses.
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Ride at Hearts

IMG_1111Become a rider at Hearts!  At Hearts we provide group and private lessons, depending on the needs and preference of the rider.  Group lessons will include students with similar abilities, goals, and experiences.  Click here to learn more about our Lesson Programs…


serena-and-sage_quoteVolunteers at Hearts do more than simply give their time. They change lives and help special individuals achieve real life goals.  They make lifelong friends and join a larger community of fun-loving, energetic, individuals intent on making a difference. Read more… 

Veterans Program

BuddyUniteds States Veterans who may have physical, mental and or emotional disabilities, benefit in a variety of ways through equine-based therapy.  Equine therapy has proven to help those living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Read more…