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DOB: 4/1/2001 Color: Bay Gender: Gelding Breed: Mustang Height: 14.2 Weight: 960lbs.

Reno came out of Battle Mountain, Nevada as a weanling stud colt. He ended up in Paso Robles at a Wild Mustang auction where he was purchased for $125 by anice couple. He lived in a round corral, with a halter on, dragging a lead rope for a couple of months. His current mama/owner would drive by his corral frequently and finally asked the owners if she coud help them with his training. Reno was always so inquisitive and willing. After working with him for some months, she became his new mama and owner! When he was about 3 years old, Reno was started under saddle. He then went to a Parelli Natural horse trainer for 30 days of professional training. In the following years, he did miles of trails, from the beach, the mountains to camping in the Redwoods. He’s been to brandings, on cattle drives, team penning events, and sortings. Most of the time the cows were about his size, but he would still pin his ears like a Quarter Horse and make them move! He absolutely loves to play in the water. He will paw at the river and make the biggest splash he can to drench both him and the rider. He also loves swimming, and will attempt to get in as deep as possible, and also try to lay down! Reno has several monikers: Houdini, Casanova, Nibblie. He’s a total ladies man. He can open a latch in nothing flat with that nose of his, which is also how he got the nickname Nibblie! He loves to wiggle his nose on things, be it a loose piece of clothing, a brush, a rake- if he can play with it and get it in his mouth, he will. If you're standing by him and pretend to ignore him, he will nuzzle you. He's always loved his tail brushed. He’ll back up into you just to get more. He’s a sucker for carrots. He will reach high in the sky, bending around either side and even under his legs for the carrot. Fair warning if you feed him an apple, he makes the biggest slobbery mess! Reno has always been very perceptive, being a wild Mustang. He will spot something long before you do, by raising his head up to look, assessing the situation. He is also is very intuitive with people. A friend of mine was going through a treatment, and when she was in his pasture, he would come and just rest his head on her shoulder for hugs....then go off and steal the broom and proceed to run around the pasture with it to make her laugh. 

Photography by Emily Hart-Roberts

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